10 alternative uses of tea

10 alternative uses of tea

10 alternative uses of tea

The country is the hometown of tea. The efficacy of tea in all the “Compendium of Materia Medica” medical books in the past said that it has thirst quenching, refreshing, diuretic, cough, expectorant, eyesight, Yi Si, removing tiredness and tiredness.Sleepy light weight, anti-inflammatory detoxification and other effects.

In addition, tea is also very useful, do you know?

Below, I will tell you about the top ten uses of tea.

  1. Treatment of athlete’s foot: sterilization treatment of athlete’s foot.

Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has a strong bactericidal effect, especially effective for beriberi-forming filamentous bacteria.

Therefore, people suffering from athlete’s foot will boil tea every night to wash their feet.

However, make tea and wash your feet with perseverance, there will be no significant effect in a short time.

  2. Elimination of bad breath: Tea has a strong astringent effect. Tea is often contained in the mouth to eliminate bad breath again.

Commonly used strong tea to gargle has the same effect.

The efficacy of Tieguanyin.

If you are not good at drinking tea, you can soak the tea leaves and include them in your mouth, which can reduce the bitter taste and have a certain effect.

  3. Hair care: Tea can remove dirt and greasy, so after washing the hair, washing with tea can make the hair black and soft and shiny.

And the tea does not contain chemicals, which will not hurt the hair and skin.

  4, washing silk clothes: silk clothes, most afraid of chemical cleaners.

If the brewed tea leaves are used to wash silk clothes, the original color and luster of the clothes will remain as bright as new.

Washing nylon clothes has the same effect.

  5, relieve cold symptoms: sore throat, hoarseness, may be a cold, but before seeing a doctor, drink a few cups of strong tea with rock sugar, and immediately feel that the mouth is refreshed and pain is reduced.

In the past, it was treated as a recipe in the countryside.

  6, boiled tea eggs: boiled tea eggs is a delicious food, some use soaked tea to cook, and some use tea leaves.

But the best is to use oolong tea.

Because ordinary oolong tea is cheap, boiled tea eggs are rosy in color and delicious in taste.

The main point of cooking tea eggs is to first cook the eggs, gently break the egg shells, then put the tea in water, and then continue to cook to make the tea taste better.

  7, tea pillow: Do not discard used tea leaves, spread them out on a wooden board, and accumulate them over time. You can use the core of the pillow.

It is said that tea pillows can refresh the mind and enhance the thinking ability. According to the fact that tea is cool, refreshing the mind is not unreasonable.

  8. Exterminating mosquitoes: Dry the used tea leaves and ignite them in the dusk of summer to exterminate mosquitoes. It is absolutely harmless to the human body and has the same effect as mosquito coils.

  9, a small amount of seasoning: tea has rich pigments, especially the reddish-brown pigment of black tea, which is more versatile. You can use him for mixing wine, and you can also use him to make food. If the kitchen prepares a little black tea juice, you can use the seasoning.Chemical pigments are generally much better. Housewives who often have tea in their homes may wish to try.

  10. Fertilizers for flowers and plants: brewed tea leaves, inorganic salts, carbohydrates and other nutrients, stacked in flower gardens or pots, can help the development and reproduction of flowers and plants. Friends who like potted plants generally know this purpose.This is much more convenient than when garbage is disposed of.