Abdominal belly

Abdominal belly

Abdominal belly

The hot summer has already come by accident, and many MMs are not ready to put on that sexy cool summer clothes. The reason is that the aunt with a small belly is like a swimming circle. What should I do?

The answer is exercise.

But the weather is so hot and there are so many people going to the gym, let’s forget it!

Today, Xiaobian told the MMs who want to lose weight a few fitness exercises that can lose weight at home, which can let you go to the crowded gym in the heat to achieve the effect of weight loss.

  Action 1: Lying on the back with straight legs suspended Cross process: lying on your back with your hands on the front and back of your body with your legs straight and your toes straightened; your left foot is straight and raised until it reaches 45 degrees to the ground, and the waist and abdomen actively contract to control the left legSlowly and slowly restore, while raising his right leg, his legs are suspended and crossed.

  Key Points: Keep your breathing rate fast, your legs are suspended in the whole process, and the range of motion is between the ground and the 45-degree angle.

Every time you can’t control your legs to float.

  Action 2: Lie on your back and move sideways. Process: Lie on your back with your hands behind your neck, bend your legs, and then alternately step out on one leg. The legs that come out of the pedal are at a certain distance from the ground.Then the other side.

The elbows on the top should be as close as possible to the knee joints on the other side.

Control with lateral abs.

Each leg was kicked 15 times in 3 groups.

  Tips: Maintain normal breathing, keep a certain constant speed during the movement, and stable speed and rhythm can bring better results.

  Action three: Lean down and twist the waist in place Action process: Open your legs, the distance between your feet is the same as your shoulders.

While inhaling, lift your arms sideways, then exhale, and simultaneously place your left hand on the right foot footnote.

Look at the tip of your right finger, which is tilted upwards.

Inhale again, straighten your upper body, and use the same method to bend to the other foot while exhaling.

Alternate left and right for more than 3 times.

Tips: Try to keep your abdomen close to your thighs, maintain a smooth breathing, and twist your waist from side to side, which can stimulate the external and internal muscles of the abdomen and waist.