Preservative jelly harms children’s health

Preservative jelly harms children’s health

Preservative jelly harms children’s health

Some customers directly purchase sprees made of jelly and prepare them for children of relatives and friends.

A customer who just bought a “big gift bag” said that what their children like most is this one. Such a big bag may not be enough.

  In this spot check, the main problem of jelly is excess and over-range use of sweeteners and preservatives in food additives. This is also the main reason for the unqualified spot checks of jelly products in recent years.

National standards for the use of food additives in jelly are strict: preservatives benzoic acid and sweetener sodium saccharin must not be used in fruit jelly; the maximum amount of sweetener cyclamate is 0.

65g / k grams.

  The two unqualified products in this spot check were overdose, and food additives were used outside the scope.

The initial cause of unsatisfactory product quality was that in order to reduce costs, some companies used sweeteners instead of sugar and used preservatives to prevent the product from deterioration in quality and shelf life.

These additives are artificial chemical compounds, and the largest consumer group of jelly is children. Therefore, excessive consumption of jelly with excessive additives may cause damage to the health of children.

  Low price competition is also the primary cause of poor product quality.

In order to make a profit, some small enterprises spare no expense in order to make a profit.

White sugar in jelly is expensive, so artificial sweeteners are used to reduce the content of fruit juice in the jelly, and artificial colors and flavors are used to impersonate fruit juice, resulting in poor product quality.

  Therefore, experts suggest that the jelly is processed and extruded with seaweed gum, etc., and is replaced with a replacement fiber.

Fiber supplement is one of the nutrients, which is helpful for human health.

However, due to the fact that more or less artificial chemical compounds are added to the current jelly products, it is not appropriate for young children to consume too much.

In addition, young children should consume jelly carefully to prevent it from choking their throats and causing choking.

At the same time, consumers should choose products with high brand awareness, these products are of better quality, and preservatives and sweeteners meet national standards.