A bloody porridge for women

A bloody porridge for women

A bloody porridge for women

Guide: It is a woman, and it is inevitable that she will be patronized by “good friends” every month, and women are born smaller than men, and the monthly bleeding is really a loss of energy.

  Below, I will introduce to you an extremely easy to make porridge. Female friends are advised to consume a few days after the event. It is simple and fast, and responsible for their own body. Well, women should be right.Better yourself.

  Ingredients: black rice, glutinous rice, red beans, red dates, round meat, peanuts (fried fragrant).

I added a bit of cist.

(Can be dehumidified) It can be put in everyone’s preference.

  Practices: 1. Put black rice, glutinous rice, red beans, and practical water into the water.

(It tends to rot when I do it), I usually soak at night.

Good morning.

  Don’t put too much material at once, there are measuring cups.

  2. I made it with Jiuyang Soymilk Machine and put black rice into the Soymilk Machine.

Then add red dates (small pitted shears) and peanuts, you can re-soak, or you can start immediately.

Press the grain soy milk key to start, and you can eat after 13 minutes.

  3. Add sugar and honey after filling.

  You can try it.

It tastes great and is unforgettable; try it now and make the most convenient blood supplement recipe for your woman.