How should the bride care for her eyes

How should the bride care for her eyes


How should the bride care for her eyes

One month before the wedding: insist on eye care every morning and evening. It is best to choose eye gel skin care products that are plant extracts that can effectively relax and eliminate eye puffiness.


hzh {display: none; }  婚礼前夜:入睡前一小时千万不要喝水,否则容易出现排水不畅,而导致眼部浮肿。In addition, you may wish to use a relatively rigid forehead pillow to help blood circulation, so as to prevent liquid from accumulating in the eyes and forming bags under the eyes.

  Emergency measures on the wedding day: Apply cold cotton pads with shrink water filled with frozen milk to your eyes, and wash them with cold water after 5-10 minutes, which can help relieve puffy eyes and belly.

  Medication: If the eye is swollen, you can try to take half a diuretic pill to help remove excess water from the body.

  One month before the wedding: change bad habits in life, such as reading books, using computers for too long, and lacking long-term sleep.

When working with your eyes, take a minute of rest every hour and close your eyes.

  On the eve of the wedding: Before going to bed, lightly press the acupoints directly under the eyes to prevent the bags under the eyes.

  Emergency measures on the wedding day: Put gherkin slices on the bags under the eyes, or make a homemade cucumber eye mask to calm the skin to reduce the phenomenon of lower bags under the eyes.

  Drug treatment: For the bags that have been formed for a long time or are severely formed under the eyes, the most effective treatment is to perform a bag removal operation.

  One month before the wedding: Gentle makeup remover: When using cleansing cotton to remove makeup on the eyes before bedtime, do not pull the skin around the eyes with force: If you apply heavy makeup, you should first apply a cotton pad with eye makeup removerPut it on your eyes for a while, make full use of the effectiveness of the makeup remover to dissolve the makeup, and then gently wipe down.

The hard-to-clean areas such as the corners of the eyes or the roots of the eyelashes can be cleaned with a cotton swab, which is convenient and safe.

  Appropriate massage: Sudden corner wrinkles are pseudo wrinkles, which are caused by moisture in the skin. Generally, the use of eye masks can add moisture and nutrition to the eyes. At the same time, proper massage can play a roleWorking.

The massage method is as follows: first, put an appropriate amount of massage cream on the fingertips, then massage around the eyes in a clockwise circle, wash with warm water after 5 minutes, and then apply eye tightening gel.

Then, use your middle finger to point on some eye cream, starting from the center of the eyebrows, and gently pressing the upper and lower eyelids outward for 4-6 times.

Be careful with UV rays: To avoid UV rays, be sure to apply special sunscreen on your eyes before going out.

In addition, sunglasses, sun hats, etc. are not dry-cleanable.

  Emergency measures on the wedding day: If it is caused by genetic or thin skin, you must use makeup instead.

Choose a concealer that is similar to your skin tone. The color can also be slightly darker than your skin tone. Just apply it on the eyes before applying makeup.

  Dilute pigmentation: The appearance of dark circles is the same as the dark spots on the skin, mainly UV radiation and skin aging. In this case, you can choose some eye care products that contain whitening and eliminate pigments.

At the same time, pay attention to the three main points of moisturizing, moisturizing and firming the eyes.

Some eye serums, eye creams, elastic repair creams, flick around the eyes with your ring finger, but do not choose oily products, otherwise it is easy to excess glands.

  Contingency measures on the wedding day: If it is a congenital black eye, you can use foundation to make up when applying makeup, and use certain makeup techniques to hide the black eye.

We recommend that you use two different colored foundations for a natural blend.

Based on your skin tone, choose the same foundation color that is slightly darker than the race, blend the natural color and evenly apply it around the eyes. After patting it lightly, apply a thin layer of powder foundation to the wedding.The previous month: There is only one cause of the formation of oily particles, that is, long-term use of high-oil-content eye cream, which causes excess oil to accumulate around the eyes and form fine particles in the eyes.

It is best to use special care to avoid contact with eyes.

First, replace the oily eye cream with a clearer eye gel.

If eye wrinkles are more serious, apply eye cream during the day.

Apply eye gel at night.

  Emergency measures on the wedding day: you can go to a professional beauty medical institution, ask the beautician to use professional tools to pick up the auntie tablets, or cover the oily particles with concealer.