[Cumin Chicken Gizzard]_Recommended Diet

[Cumin Chicken Gizzard]_Recommended Diet

[Cumin Chicken Gizzard]_Recommended Diet

The main ingredients of cumin chicken gizzards are chicken gizzards and cumin. The taste of cumin chicken gizzards is fresh and delicious, and it tastes chewy. The practice of cumin chicken gizzards is not difficult. The main ingredients are cumin and chicken gizzards.In addition, there is an appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence. Let us introduce the method of cumin chicken gizzards.

First clean the chicken gizzards. Note that it is best to soak the chicken gizzards in water to remove the fishy smell of chicken gizzards. In addition, do not leave yellow skin and small amounts. Clean the chicken gizzards and put them in boiling water.Take a look inside, when the chicken gizzards are slightly white.

Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot. When the oil temperature is slightly warm, add peppercorns, add peppers, stir-fry and then add Laoganma, stir-fry the flavor, and then put the chicken in the wok and stir-fry with high heat.Add a lot of cumin, it is better to choose granular cumin, if you like a little spicy, then add some chili noodles.

Finally, add salt and chicken essence, because it has been cooked before, so you can stir fry a few times before it comes out of the pan.

The second method of cumin chicken gizzards is to prepare the right amount of chicken gizzards, prepare onions and garlic, prepare cooking wine, salt, cumin powder, cumin grains, pepper, chicken essence, soy sauce and cooked sesame seeds.

Soak the chicken gizzards in clean water for a while, then clean them and cut them into pieces.

Add cooking wine, marinate the tender meat powder and salt, cut the shallots and garlic into pieces, and when the oil is in the pan for eight minutes, heat the chicken over the oil and turn it golden and remove the oil.

Add another pot, when it is hot for 5 minutes, add the scallion garlic cumin powder and stir-fry, add the appropriate amount of pepper and paprika, put the chicken gizzards inside, keep frying, and finally add the old soy sauce.Pepper, cumin, stir fry together, sprinkle the right amount of chicken essence before the pan, and sprinkle the cooked sesame seeds after the pan is finished.