[Finger half moon white diet]_ how to eat _ how to eat

[Finger half moon white diet]_ how to eat _ how to eat

[Finger]_ half white diet how to eat, how to eat _

Finger is a very important part of our organs, limbs, fingers very important for us, many times we can analyze their physical condition by finger nails, for example, some people are white finger half an unhealthy state of manywhen this happens the people will take measures to solve common is achieved by diet, then the white half finger should eat to solve it?

A re-grow therapeutic half tooth paste Poria Method 1 Formulation of black rice: black rice, Poria, black beans, yam, Gorgon, peas, raspberries.

Usage: The black rice, Poria, black beans, yam, Gorgon, peas, raspberries mixing these ingredients, the amount of grinding into powder, blunt with hot water a day can be breakfast.

If they choose ingredients that trouble, you can buy finished Poria paste black rice, broken technology is the use of carefully matching nutritious food made from grinding, brewing convenience, taste and delicate easily absorbed, can also add rock sugar to taste according to personal taste.

Efficacy: Poria every day eating black rice paste, 3 weeks to make your fingers grow back crescent.

Especially for women before and after menstruation, and postpartum women make up blood, eat more red and shiny complexion.

Long-term use of black rice paste Poria, qi and blood, spleen and stomach, nourish the skin, eyesight and blood circulation, rejuvenate your skin effect, modern medicine has proved that black rice paste Poria yin and kidney, spleen and warm liver and other effects.

Regular consumption of black rice Poria paste, is conducive to the head, dizziness, anemia, kidney edema, loss of appetite, spleen and stomach sickness.

Second, re-grow crescent therapeutic Method 2 – black rice paste Poria Semen herbal tea recipe: fried Zao Ren 5g, dried lily 2g, Poria 2g, longan 3g, mulberry 2g, medlar 3g, red dates 2g, lotus seeds 2g.

Usage: Add to the casserole, clear water simmer in water, a day, taking half an hour before going to bed.

7 days effective.

Efficacy Chinese medicine believes that the Chinese jujube kernel has a sweet and sour taste, and is flat in nature; it has heart, spleen, liver, and gallbladder meridian; it has the functions of nourishing the liver, calming the heart, calming the nerves, and astringent sweats, and it can treat insomnia, sleeplessness, thirst, thirst, and sweating.
Longan, jujube, and wolfberry have the effect of replenishing qi and blood, which can alleviate insomnia caused by insufficient qi and blood; Poria for the treatment of spleen deficiency, heavy humidity, and relieve insomnia caused by spleen deficiency; lotus seeds are also commonly found in various insomnia recipes, which have the ability to nourish and calm the mind.effect; mulberry has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney for kidney palpitations, insomnia caused.