[Can I drink tea with calcium tablets]_Calcium supplement_Impact

[Can I drink tea with calcium tablets]_Calcium supplement_Impact

[Can I drink tea with calcium tablets]_Calcium supplement_Impact

If a person’s body is rich in calcium, the bones will become fragile, prone to bone hyperplasia and fractures, so at this time, you should take some calcium tablets to supplement calcium.

Especially children who are growing up and seniors whose bones are deteriorating should take calcium tablets.

The presence of carbonic acid in tea can digest many foods, so can anyone drink tea after eating calcium tablets?

1. Can I drink tea with calcium tablets?

Tea water contains residual acids. Eating calcium tablets with tea water will cause calcium precipitation, and the nutrients in calcium tablets and tea water will be consumed. These nutrients are not easily absorbed by the human body and are not good for health.

2. The best time to eat calcium tablets is the best time to take calcium in the morning and at night before going to bed. These two time periods are when the human body’s blood calcium level is the lowest. Taking calcium tablets can make calcium better absorbed and utilized.
Caution should be taken before bedtime, it is best to be 4 to 5 hours before bedtime, dinner time is not too late, calcium supplementation time is too close to dinner time, it is easy to induce gastrointestinal diseases.

3. How to eat calcium tablets Calcium tablets need to be dissociated into calcium ions under the action of gastric acid, so as to be better absorbed and used by the human body.

However, the acidity of gastric acid secreted by children is weak, and the amount of gastric acid secreted by the elderly is small, which will inevitably affect the absorption of calcium.

Therefore, it is best for elderly people and children to take calcium tablets with meals or half an hour after meals.

When taking, it is best to divide calcium tablets into two or three flaps and take them in divided portions.

Because, small doses are better than single doses.

If you eat two, you can take it once with breakfast and dinner; you can take three with three meals.

In order to increase the absorption rate of calcium, it is best to take calcium tablets after chewing, and then drink a large glass of water.

In addition, sugars can increase calcium absorption. Various calcium agents are absorbed simultaneously with starch foods (staple food such as rice and noodles) that can be degraded into sugars, which is conducive to calcium absorption.

What happens when you eat more calcium tablets? The calcium supplement must be scientific. Too much calcium can easily lead to urethral stones and various types of urinary stones.

Once you have urinary stones, in addition to the harm to the human body is very great, and the stones are easy to repeat, it is not easy to cure.

Excessive calcium supplementation can cause anorexia, nausea, constipation, and indigestion, which affects the absorption of nutrients. Excessive calcium in the interior can inhibit the absorption of iron and zinc, resulting in secondary zinc and iron deficiency;Excessive calcium supplementation can cause hyperuricemia, severe hematuria, urinary tract stones, etc .; excessive calcium supplementation can lower blood pressure, affect heart function, increase the risk of heart disease in the future, and increase vascular sclerosis; excessive calcium supplementationPremature calcification of the skeletal skeleton, early closure of the epiphysis, bone development is affected, and terminal height is suppressed.

A very small number of babies who suffer from excessive calcium supplementation will suffer from “grimace syndrome”, which is manifested by a large mouth, protruding upper lip, nose bridge aligned, the nostrils facing the sky, and the distance between the eyes.