[How to make up confinement anemia]_Anemia_Postpartum_How to make up

[How to make up confinement anemia]_Anemia_Postpartum_How to make up

[How to make up confinement anemia]_Anemia_Postpartum_How to make up

Women produce a lot of blood during labor, which requires blood replacement after delivery.

There are many foods that have blood-enriching effects. Common dates include red dates, brown sugar, longan, etc. Some vegetables also have blood-enriching effects, such as hair vegetables, golden needles, dried radishes, etc. These foods are suitable for postpartum consumption. Learn more about confinementHow to make up for anemia?

1. Black beans: In ancient times, it was thought that eating beans was beneficial. A large number of books will introduce black beans can make hair black, in fact, black beans can also produce blood.

How to eat black beans is up to everyone’s preference. If it is postpartum, it is recommended to cook black bone chicken with black beans.

2, hair dish: the color of hair dish is very dark, not good-looking, but the iron contained in the hair dish is high, use the hair dish to cook soup, you can blood.

3. Carrots: Carrots contain high levels of vitamins B and C, and they also contain a special nutrient-carotene. Carotene is very beneficial for blood supply. Cooking soup with carrots is a good blood supplement.

However, many people do not like carrots. My personal approach is to squeeze carrots and add honey as a drink.

4. Gluten: This is a kind of folk food.

For general vegetarian restaurants, lo-mei stalls are available. The iron content of gluten is quite rich.

The blood must be iron first.

5, Lilium oleracea: Lilium oleracea has the largest iron content, 20 times higher than everyone familiar with spinach, rich in iron content, while Lilium oleracea is also rich in vitamins A, B1, C, protein, trace and colchicine drunkine and other nutrients.

6, longan meat: longan meat is longan meat, available in any supermarket.

In addition to being rich in iron, longan meat also contains vitamins A, B, glucose, and sucrose.

Replenishing blood can also treat amnesia, palpitations, neurasthenia and insomnia.

Longan soup, longan gum, and longan wine are also good blood supplements.

7, dried radish: dried radish is originally a useful vegetable, it contains extremely rich vitamin B, high iron content.

Therefore, it is the most inconspicuous and cheapest but the best health food. Its iron content exceeds all foods except for lilac.