[How to peel a small gourd?

[How to peel a small gourd?

】 _Peeling method_How to peel

[How to peel a small gourd?
】 _Peeling method_How to peel

Everyone knows that it is a special existence because it has too many functions. It can be used as a container, as a decoration, as a cultural play, and even in many areas,There are relics like calabash.

To say that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, gourd can also be regarded as a medicinal material, and small gourds can be used as medicine.

So the question is, how do you peel the gourd?

采摘后放在通风阴凉不见太阳的地方{注意通风很重要哦} 用掉挂式掉起;2、葫芦龙头{腾}变黄后!
Important ~~ This is the way to see if you can get skinless.

After turning yellow, you can peel; 3, if during this period, you find that the skin of the gourd{

Otherwise, there will be rotten skin and gourd.

4. Do not use a knife to scrape the gourd. After peeling, wait until it is overcast, and use cardboard or bamboo to achieve the final effect. Do not use a sharp tool to hurt the gourd.

Then wait for it to dry completely before starting the hand tray.

5, picking gourd is best in autumn, when the head field is exposed to water, use a bamboo chip to scrape the skin, you can’t use a piece of iron to scrape the blade. If the gourd is less than 10 cm, use a large female nail to go downPick, remember to scrape after picking, you must see green picking, never yellow picking.

There are dark spots on the skin, because Yangzi did not pick them in time, and the dead gourds lost their vitality. After the autumn rain or dew immersion, dark spots were produced.