[How long do acidic foods give birth to girls]_birth_affect

[How long do acidic foods give birth to girls]_birth_affect

[How long do acidic foods give birth to girls]_birth_affect

In order to have children, many friends want to achieve their desired gender, they will use all kinds of ancient and strange ways, such behavior is actually not good for the development of pregnant women and children.

Eating more acidic foods can increase the chance of giving birth to girls, but there is no certain reference, or everything is better.

How long do acidic foods give birth to girls? Occupational factors lead to birth girls. According to statistical reports, male occupations are long-term driving drivers (such as taxi drivers, truck drivers), flight attendants or pilots, anesthesiologists, sedentary,Office workers who have been in computer radiation for a long time have a particularly high chance of giving birth to girls.

That is because the retina pill is subject to strong changes in high temperature, air pressure or radiation, or too much toxic anesthetic gas, which causes the less powerful Y sperm to die first, resulting in a particularly high chance of giving birth to a girl.

Second, the average age, the easier it is for both girls and husbands to be more disciplined, the higher the chance of having a daughter, which is an indisputable fact.

Because the age factor affects the physical quality of both men and women, the number of men’s sperm will decrease with age, while the increase of women’s age and changes in physiological hormones will also reduce the alkaline secretions in the uterus year by year.Opportunities have also increased significantly.

Third, the acidic body environment wants to conceive girls. Women should avoid eating too much alkaline foods, and supplement acidic foods appropriately. Of course, do not eat too much acidic foods, so as not to affect their physical health. Both men and women should pay attention to a balanced diet.

It should be pointed out that the acidic foods mentioned here have a taste and acidic foods, which refers to the imbalance of the acid-base balance in the human body environment.

Daily acidic foods include: all meat, fish, dairy products other than fresh milk (such as cream, ice cream, cheese, flavoured milk), rice wheat flour products, canned food, corn, protein, sour fruits, chocolate, beverages, vinegar.