[How to make duck legs delicious and not fishy]_How to make_How to make

[How to make duck legs delicious and not fishy]_How to make_How to make

[How to make duck legs delicious and not fishy]_How to make_How to make

Duck leg is the most common food in our daily life, and there are many methods of duck leg. At the same time, the resulting duck leg is very delicious. However, compared with other meats, duck leg has a special tasteIf you have to be good, the fishy odor cannot be completely eliminated. This fishy odor will affect the taste of duck legs, which is difficult for many people to accept. Therefore, some people refuse to eat duck legs, so how do we make duck?Can the legs be delicious and not fishy?

All duck legs are cheap and delicious.

Let ‘s introduce how I made a variety of delicious duck meat.

It’s delicious and not greasy. Friends who love duck legs hurriedly took a look.

Beer duck leg materials 2 duck legs, 1 beer, 2 star anise, 1 small piece of cinnamon, 8 dried peppers, 10 peppercorns, 2 fragrant leaves, 1 small piece of ginger, 1 green onion, 3 cloves of garlic, raw soy sauce30ml, 5ml of old soy sauce, 5g of white sugar, washed the duck leg with salt concentration, put it in the pot and simmer it, remove it, cut the shallots into 4cm long sections, slice ginger, garlic and peel into a hot potAdd oil, add green onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, dried peppers, pepper, fragrant leaves, sauté the duck legs over medium heat and add yellow, add sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, stir-fryAdd the beer to the duck leg, cover with a lid and simmer for 20 minutes on medium heat until the soup is ready to dry. Add some salt to season the duck leg.[Step by step]Wash the duck leg and put it in the pot.Bring to a boil and serve on the plate.[Second step]Prepare onions, garlic, ginger, anise, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, dried peppers. Prepare appropriate amount, put in the ingredients box or make a gauze bag (to prevent mixing with duckIn the leg)[Step 3]Add an appropriate amount of cold water to the pot, lower the shallot section, ginger slices, garlic cloves and boil over high heat.调Bag into the pot, the fire to boil, skim foam, turn a small simmer.

Prepare another soy sauce. You can prepare more soy sauce. The old soy sauce is heavier and should be added in an appropriate amount.

[Step 4]Duck the duck leg with chopsticks after boiling, then add some soy sauce and rock sugar if it is easy to rot.

Cover the pot, simmer for about 45 minutes over low heat, and collect the juice over medium heat.

[Fifth step]What are you waiting for to serve on the plate?

Braised duck legs[First step]Wash the duck legs first, and adjust the marinade and spices.

[Second step]Put the oil in the pan and fry both sides of the duck legs. Put the spices in the pan and stir-fry.[Third step]Add the duck legs to the pan and add cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar and the right amount.Water.

The fire boiled, and the flames closed.

Let it soak for a few hours to taste the duck leg!

[Step 4]Take out the braised duck leg directly[Step 1]Wash the duck leg clean, cut the potatoes, old soy sauce, cooking wine, salt amount, half a spoon of sugar, ginger slices, green onions, 3 star anise, dryOne chili needs water.

[Second step]Wait for the oil to heat up in the pot, add duck pieces, stir-fry the oil and seasoning (old soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, sugar, ginger slices, shallots, star anise, dried peppers) and continue to fry and add water or beer over the duckAfter the high heat is boiled, change to medium and low heat and simmer for 40 minutes until the meat is rotten. Add potato pieces and continue to cook.